Fabienne Marechal

Fabienne Marechal - Partner


Lyon & Rhône Alpes
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English, French

Industrial and commercial litigation, Risk Management, Compliance & Governance, Consumer Law, Distribution Networks, Real Estate, Construction, Town and Estate  Planning, Commercial and Business Law, Commercial Leases

Fabienne started her practice in the larger notary office in Lyon, where she was in charge of the Leasing and Estate Financing Departments. Fabienne then worked for more than 10 years with a multinational food distribution service company where she has been the head of the legal Department and became member of the management committee.

From her professional experience, Fabienne has developed a broad knowledge of the litigation in distribution and industry sectors and has a high level of expertise in the B to B distribution and retail business, particularly in terms of pricing policy, marketing campaigns, risk management, H&S (HACCP etc …) compliance and regulatory matters.

Based on her practice as in house counsel of a multinational frozen food industry, and head of the litigation Dpt., Fabienne acquired a wealth of experience in the supervision and management of claims, with pragmatism and always solution oriented

Her former position as Notary leads her to focus on real estate and commercial leases and contracts. She advises companies and groups on their strategic estate matters.

Fabienne chaired for many years the Union of Frozen Food Distributors in France.

Law university (Lyon)
Master's degree in Notarial Business Law

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