About us

With over 30 years of shared multi-speciality expertise in business law, we cover the main needs of companies in terms of management, development and acquisition processes.

We also go beyond simple tax advice for individuals to give them a clear understanding of their assets for them to define the best strategy.

Colbert is an active member of the IAG GLOBAL international network, which operates in more than 80 countries bringing together 8000 lawyers, accountants and tax advisers.

Our Attorneys and Lawyers work in areas as varied as mergers and acquisitions, litigation and arbitration, tax planning, employment law and social security regulations, commercial real estate and leases competition anti-trust and distribution law, insolvency, banking law, IP, corporate and contracts etc.

Our customers operate in the industrial and service sectors such as: Pharmaceuticals, Dermo Cosmetics, Biotechnologies, Retail, Distribution, Real Estate, Media, Culture, Gaming Industry, Logistics, Finance and banking, Digital, Automotive and Aeronautics, Food industry, Leisure and Hospitality Management.

We are happy to advise start-ups but also innovative SMEs as well as listed and no listed multinationals.

Our teams both include litigators and advisers to provide directors and CEOs with bespoke counselling, to support and secure their corporate strategies.

Private clients wishing to invest in real estate in France turn to us to set up a tax strategy, supervise the drafting of notarised deeds and coordinate with local French notaries who hold the monopoly on property conveyancing.

Most of our teams are bilingual and have a strong international business sense.

All our lawyers share the same motto: “Listen to understand, understand to better counsel and become added value to your project ”.

A driven team spirit through creativity, pragmatism and personal commitment is key to identifying opportunities to seed further perspectives.

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