Commercial Litigation

We develop with you the most appropriate solutions

We focus on the opportunities and evaluate the risks of taking court action or any similar judicial process, implement with you the best-fit strategy by taking into account the cost, duration of the procedures and the operational impacts on your company.
Settlements or alternative dispute resolutions can also be envisaged.

We offer high quality representation from beginning to end

Be it, debt collection, liability in tort, or breach of contract, we will provide the highest quality representation at a pre budgeted cost from the outlining of securities to the drafting of writs until the very hearing itself.

We ensure the execution of court decisions

If the court decision turns to your advantage and as it is enforceable, we can request guarantees and securities on the debtors’ assets or bank accounts.
Alternatively should the decision not be in your favour we will seek execution or payment delays or any similar actions to avoid jeopardising your company’s ongoing operations.

Here are some of the calls to action we cover in commercial litigation

Corporate and shareholder litigation
Post-acquisition proceedings (representation and warranties, shareholders agreement, management packages)
Manager and director dismissal litigation
Liability in tort
Breach of contract
Distributors and suppliers litigation
Bank and Insurance claims

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