Commercial Leases & Real Estate

Our Lawyers will bring you all the right solutions in the development and management of your real estate portfolio.

We cover all sectors such as city centres, shopping malls, retail parks and activity centres.

Here are some of the fields we cover:
Negotiation and drafting of leases
Contract term
Rent reviews, renewal, assignment, sub-leasing, termination
Default and breaches

We defend you in commercial lease disputes

The experience we gathered through out the various disputes we had to deal with across France enables us to better understand market trends, rent prices as well as the calculation of compensation and indemnification in case of claims.
We offer specific expertise on matters such as property charges, works, escalation mechanisms, non-competition provisions, environment matters and related litigation.

We defend you in technical real estate disputes

reactivity and efficiency driving forces to deliver the best suited counsel in any technical dispute relating to construction and related liability matters

We assist companies in their real estate transactions

Be it property disposal, collateral and mortgage, leasing and financing, we advise and defend you in all property disputes arising from the instatement, execution and termination of these agreements.
Colbert is also a registered training company:

Based on your business and specific needs our lawyers determine and prepare ad’hoc training plans and sessions for your HR teams and managers.

We develop with you the most appropriate strategies and solutions based on local constraints and opportunities, in relation with your group policy and projects.

We focus on the opportunities and evaluate the risks of court actions or any similar judicial process or alternative dispute resolutions processes, implement with you the best fit strategy by taking into account the cost, duration of the procedures and the operational impacts on your company .
We offer high quality representation before employment courts and social security tribunals as a claimant or plaintiff.

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